CampOUT at Open View Farm is a unique farm/camp experience where young people (ages 8-18) from LGBTQ families are productive members of the farm community and can share in the fun of summer camp activities. Through work activities we create a sense of community, and a place where difference and diversity are celebrated and children can be themselves. Young people have the opportunity to talk openly about their families and their experiences being from an LGBTQ family.    

CampOUT activities include:
Animal Care & Farm Chores

& Forestry
Night walks & Campfires

Crafts & Games  

CampOUT Update
We hope this new year has been healthy and peaceful and that these days of Spring are warm and full of promise. We'd like to share with you our plans and thoughts for this year. Our hope is that it is one of growth and renewal for Open View Farm. We are beginning the process of considering how best to use and share this beautiful place for the years to come. Of course a plan such as this would hold CampOUT as part of our thinking. 

In the meantime, as we take stock of what we already have and what we need to put in place, we are taking a year off from CampOUT as we've known it (Summer 2013). This past year has been a year full of change and planning for the future.  We wanted to give you plenty of lead time to plan for your summer. We wish you all a very restful and peaceful summer.

CampOUT Fall 2013 Weekend
We would also like to invite you, our CampOUT families, to a Fall camping overnight September 21st & 22nd. How could we let a whole year go by without seeing you? Please put this date on your calendar and we will be sure to update you as the Fall grows near.

Lastly, please know that you are always in our thoughts and welcome to visit the farm. Should you be out in the Open View Farm neighborhood, give us a call and plan to drop by. We're always happy to see you.

Love and peace,
Emmy and Aimee, Puja, Jennieke, Puppy and the sheep, Lily Claire and last, but not least, the chickens